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When Did You Last Check Your Car Tyre for Bubbles?



car tyre bubble

car tyre bubble

Regular checks of your car tyres for bubbles is great maintenance practice. It is also one of the best tyre safety measures one can carry out during this rainy season.

Every tyre failure is potentially a danger to life and/or property. Tyre manufacturers advice that tyres are regularly checked for wear, tear, damage or any irregularity that could result in such danger. However, the presence of a tyre bubble is an immediate need for concern.

What Causes Tyre Bubbles?

car tyre bubble

Tyre bubbles are usually the result of a tear or hole in the tyre’s inner lining caused by impact. When a tyre bubble is detected, it means that the tyre’s inner lining is cut and leaking air. This air becomes trapped behind the outer casing or skin of the tyre. It creates bubbles or bulges.

When a tyre hits a sharp, heavy or solid object, the force from the weight and speed of the travelling vehicle focuses on that small area of contact. Such damage compromises the strength of the sidewall plies of the tyre. Common impact types include the following: potholes, speed bumps, curbs, severely damaged roads, and debris.

What to Do When a Tyre Bubble Is Detected

car tyre bubble

A tyre bubble cannot be repaired. That tyre is completely damaged. It cannot be “managed” until you find the time to replace the tyre. Continuing to drive a vehicle on a tyre bubble is extremely dangerous. Because there is no support in the tyre, any further impact on the tyre could result in dire consequences. The damaged tyre, like a balloon can explode at any time, causing serious accidents.

Preventing Tyre Bubbles

Often, tyre bubbles are found on previously used tyres. It is difficult to pre-determine since one does not know how badly these tyres have been used. Although it is more likely to occur with used tyres, tyre bubbles are not restricted to such types. They can happen with new tyres too.

There are many treacherous roads in Nigeria. There are too many unfixed potholes as there are badly repaired roads. Speed bumps are deliberately designed to be tedious in many cases. They are too high and difficult to manoeuvre. Much debris from uncleared wastes litter the roads.

car tyre bubble

The challenges do not end there. Most vehicles carry previously used tyres. These arguably are better than the inferior quality but new tyres. For such vehicle owners, any tyre bubble occurrence means they have to replace the tyre from their pockets. In comparison, few vehicle owners use brand new car tyres. In such cases, warranty on the tyres would be a great help in the case of tyre bubbles.

Whether you are buying brand new tyres or previously used tyres, develop a safety and maintenance culture. Check your tyres regularly for bubbles. If you discover them, act promptly.


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