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How To Start A Keyless Toyota Car When The Smart Key Battery Is Dead



smart key work properly

Keyless Smart Key

keyless smart key

We are in the age of technology and this is evident in the recent features in cars. Smart keys used in cars with keyless entry is one of these great features. With the smart key, you don’t have to insert a key into the car doors to open your car. You still do not need to press a button on the smart key to open it; just come near your car with the smart key and it can automatically unlock your car.

Another interesting thing about the smart key is that you don’t need to insert the key into the ignition to crank on your engine. Just place the smart key in the right place, step on the brake pedal and then push the engine start button.

There are times when your push button start of your Toyota car won’t work. We have written about it here on Autojosh. So, kindly read our write-up on “4 Reasons Why Your Toyota Push Button Start Isn’t Working“.

In case the reason why your car won’t start is because you have a dead battery in your smart key, we are happy to tell you there is a way around it to enable you start your car. Automobile manufacturers thought it wise that a smart key can fail anytime, so they brought up some ways just in case.

There is a directional video in this post that will guide you on how to achieve that. But before then, the first thing you do is to gain access into the car. You can do this by detaching the actual car key from the smart key fob.

Place the key fob directly on the engine start button until you hear a beep. Afterwards, you can then press the button to start your car.

The video below is detailed enough to guide you.

Watch video below;

keyless smart keykeyless smart key

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