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6 Disadvantages Of Over-speeding





Are you a driving maniac who is in love with over-speeding?.. If over-speeding and passing every other driver on the road is your hubby,.. I’ve got bad news for you. The bad news is these 6 disadvantages of over-speeding.

Disadvantages of over-speeding:

1) More fuel consumption

Cars are designed to be driven up to a certain speed range to get the best gas mileage. Therefore over speeding will lead to a higher fuel consumption. The higher the speed especially if above 120km/h, the more fuel the car will consume.

2) Increased possibility of accident

Crash, death, severe injury, manslaughter.. I am sure you don’t like the sound of all that. Especially on our Nigerian roads where we have potholes, jaywalkers, okadas, Danfos etc.. Over-speeding  gives you a shorter time to respond to obstructions on your path.. Note: a fraction of a second can mean a lot of difference between life and death. Drive at reasonable speed or within speed limits for your safety and that of those around you.

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3) Damage of vehicle

The damage could result from a crash, potholes you could not avoid, engine wear etc. Your car tyres also have speed ratings and could get damaged if you go beyond the recommended speed rating. Even if you argue that frequently driving your car at high RPMs does not damage your car, I am sure you’ll still agree lower RPMs are relatively better for your engine.

4) Air pollution

Levels of air pollution can be significantly reduced by less aggressive driving and by simply reducing your speed. Researchers studied air quality on some Amsterdam roads, where the speed limit was lowered from 100 km/h to 80 km/h, and found that levels of some pollutants were reduced by up to 15 per cent. This means you could be saving the whole world as well as posterity by not driving too fast.

5) Bad for your health

Speeding can increase your anxiety level.. this is okay if it occurs once in a while. However, wanting to be the road champion 24/7 could lead to chronic anxiety. This definitely comes with a bunch of health issues from physical health degradation to mental disorder.. I am sure you don’t want to go crazy with road rage.

6) It could actually increase your travel time

Sure, you can save 12 minutes by going 20 km/h faster on a 1 hour trip. However, this greatly reduces your response time.. and a single miscalculation can cost you the whole day. The great danger is moving way faster than the normal flow of traffic. You may be careful but can you vouch for other road users? I bet you can’t


Kindly add yours and let’s all drive to stay alive….


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  1. sholly

    June 14, 2017 at 15:43

    Nice tips . I hope all the driving maniac who is in love with over-speeding can see this and digest it for their own benefit . Note that everyone on the road still get to their final destination …

    • AutoJosh

      June 14, 2017 at 16:42

      Myself inclusive

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