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6 Reasons You Should Not Drive Your Car On Empty Tank



fuel consumption

fuel consumption

No one brags about their fuel gauge never dropping below the full tank.. but many brag how far their cars can go on an empty tank of fuel. This may be good as it can save us in times of trouble, however, the resulting problems far outweighs its benefits.

The warning light comes on and you still want to hustle your car like that from Sagamu to Lagos! Don’t do that to your car because your car will do you back in 10 folds with zero pity.    

6 Reasons You Should Not Drive Your Car On Empty Tank


1) Fuel pump damage

The fuel pump sends fuel from the tank to the engine and it relies on petrol or diesel to keep it cool and lubricated. In the absence of fuel, air takes its place.. suffocating the pump.. leading to premature wear and potential fail. If you think the fuel pump will always get supply no matter how little the fuel in your tank is, think again.. because driving on rough roads, uphill and downhill can actually make your car tilt and the fuel pump choke to death.    


2) Clogged fuel filter

Since sediments and dirts settle at the bottom of fuel tanks, low fuel may provoke those sediments making them to block the filter especially in older cars that use metal fuel tanks which may even corrode. Once the fuel filter is blocked, sufficient fuel will no longer get to the engine, and your car will quench. As the flow of fuel stagnates, cooling of the fuel pump is another issue that may arise.


3) It can leave you stranded anytime

If the car suddenly stops running, you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of agberos. Being stranded with your car at Oshodi Oke or 9th Mile or Kafanchan is definitely something you don’t want. It is embarrassing, time wasting, expensive and dangerous as you could be attacked. 


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4) Refueling frequently wastes your time

Some drivers actually enter the filling station 3 or more times in a day to buy fuel. Putting N700 fuel at dawn, then N600 at noon, adding another N500 at dusk. Not a good idea if you calculate the amount of time spent on the queue and refueling.. It’s a waste of productive time.


5) More expensive

Imagine your car runs out of fuel 5 minutes after you sped past a filling station with no money in your pocket. Now you have to get a bike to take you to the closest ATM, get some money, rent or buy a keg, another bike to the filling station to get 5 litres of fuel for your car. Hmmm! Check out the time and money wasted.    


6) Wrong fuel gauge calibration

Your car’s fuel gauge calibration may be off-key.. telling you what is not.. telling you there is a little more fuel than you actually have. It’s when the car goes off that you’ll know the truth.   



Ignoring your car’s low fuel warning is generally a bad idea, and running your car on empty can cause serious and costly problems to you and your car. So when next your car is hungry, give it food to eat.. however, if you don’t mind your car going on hunger strike, check how far it can go on empty tank HERE.

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