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7 Injuries That Deployed Car Airbags Can Cause



Airbags save lives during car accidents. While they are designed to save people, they also have the potential to injure or kill people as well.

I’m not talking of defective airbags. I’m referring to properly functioning airbags, which give you the confidence to speed with the assurance that nothing will happen because your car has 10 airbags protecting you from the left, right, and center.

Before we get into some of the injuries that can occur when airbags deploy, I’d like to point out that this safety equipment can easily kill children. As a result, it is critical that children be kept out of the front seat until they are 13-15 years old or large enough to fit into the space properly.

Even as an adult, the following are some of the injuries that can occur when airbags deploy:


Chest Injury

With the airbag, your chest is less likely to collide with the steering wheel, and your body is less likely to be thrown out of the car. However, the airbag deploys quickly and forcefully to protect you, which can result in fractured ribs, broken bones, and damaged tissues.


Neck and Back Injuries

Neck and spine fractures are also possible outcomes that a couple of accident victims have experienced.


Eye Injuries/Blindness

The eyes are especially vulnerable to injury. In airbag deployment incidents, cases of eye injury, temporary blindness, or permanent blindness have been reported. Although permanent blindness is not common, it is still as frightening as it sounds.


Because airbags are made of nylon fabric, their explosion can result in skin inflammation, burns, and damage, as well as chemical irritation.


Facial Injuries

The face is always the first part of the body to be hit by an airbag. This makes it an easy target, similar to how boys in secondary school would always come out of a fight with a swollen face. The airbag does a good job of keeping the windshield from slamming into your face, but the speed and force with which it deploys can be as painful as a punch in the face.


Limb Injury

Consider putting your hand in the path of an airbag explosion. The end result can be disastrous. Shoulder injuries are also possible.


Internal injuries

Internal injuries are the silent killer. If an airbag is capable of causing all of the injuries listed above, as well as death, it is also capable of causing internal bleeding. Chemical releases during the deployment can also cause an accident victim to react. So, if your airbag ever deploys, make an appointment with your doctor.


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