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9 Best Driving Tips When It Rains In Lagos



Driving Tips When It Rains In Lagos

It can be a very big thing to deal with when it rains in Lagos state of Nigeria. Because whenever there is rainfall, most roads in Lagos state get extremely congested due to one reason or the other. The filthiness of the road is yet another thing that is evident whenever it rains.

As we all know, flooding is bound to occur whenever it rains hard in Lagos; this however comes with dire consequences. The roads end up not being motorable; cars and other properties get destroyed. The worst of all is that some people may even lose their lives to to this flooding.

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Lagos residents have been faced with this issue of flooding for years to the extent that so many people have gotten used to it and its consequences. However, there are some tips we have for you whenever it rains in Lagos. These tips will help you be on a safer side when it rains in Lagos. We also have your car in mind, so some of the tips you’ll see in this post will point towards that direction.

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These best driving tips when it rains in Lagos will go a long way for most road users in Lagos.

Below are the 9 Driving Tips When It Rains In Lagos

1. Do not overspeed when it is raining

Overpeeding when it is raining can be a big issue when not handled very well. Speeding is intoxicating and should be curtailed. When it rains (or when it is raining), vision can be impaired, and at such, overspeeding can get things worst.

2. Do not drive through a flooded road you’re not familiar with

Don’t drive through stagnant or flowing water in a road (unless you don’t have an alternative). Doing so can land you in a deep ditch you never knew was there. The best thing to do when faced with a flooded road is the allow those familiar with the road to go first.

3. Ensure you keep both hands on your steering wheel

Driving with just one hand or leaving the steering wheel to dance to a music is a no no. It is not even a good practice when it is not raining. Ensure you always have both hands on your steering wheel when it is raining to avoid losing control of your car.

4. Turn on your hazard lights and headlights when the rain is heavy

Turning on your hazard light and headlights helps notifying other road users about your presence. You use those lights because visibility is always poor during rainfall. If you fail to use them, other drivers might end up bashing you.

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5. Avoid unnecessary overtaking

Overtaking it allowed but being very careful is a major recipe.  You’re advised not to overtake unnecessarily because of poor visibility and the slippery nature of the road when it rains. Lagos road is not somewhere you would want to lose control of your car because it can be disastrous.

6. Give some reasonable space when around a trailer

Give trailers and all other heavy duty vehicles enough space when around them, especially when you’re behind. This is to ensure you have enough time to react in case of any mishap. Staying too close them is a dangerous practice especially when you’re behind them.

7. Do not walk on paths you don’t know

This is for those trekking when it is raining. If you must trek, you should be very careful. A lot of persons have been swept away by flood because they stepped on the wrong path, mostly drainage channels covered with water. When trekking on an unfamiliar road, do it smartly. Allow those that know the road lead.

8. Be mindful of where you park your car

Coming back to see the car you parked gulped up by water can be a nightmare. Make sure you’re parked where flood won’t sweep away your car. Better still, ask questions when you park in an unfamiliar area.

9. Don’t struggle for roads with danfo drivers

When you realize those rough danfo drivers do not have much to lose, your orientation of struggling road with them will change. This does not mean you should be soft at all time. Because if you are, you may not move in Lagos. You have to be smart enough to know when to give in and when not to yield. However, when it is raining, it is a different ball game entirely because it might land you in great danger.

We encourage you to keep to these driving tips when it rains in Lagos. They can save you from a lot of mess.

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