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9 Simple Things We Need To Do To Prevent Road Mishaps In Nigeria





The last few weeks have been terrible on Nigerian roads. Precious lives were lost.

These mishaps, not just the recent ones but those before could have been prevented. No matter how much we try to blame the government for everything, safety is a something both road users and the government have to do together.
Let’s find out some things we can do to prevent further mishaps or accidents on our roads

Obeying Traffic Rules

As cliché as this may sound, some people still feel they don’t need to obey traffic rules, signs, or lights. These rules are in place not just for your safety, but the safety of other road users. Kindly obey them

Enforcing Rules

No matter what happens, even in more developed countries, there are traffic offenders. But, let’s be honest, most people keep committing them here, because they know these rules are not enforced enough and when you get caught, a few Naira bills on the spot solves the problem. Its high time people start serving considerably long jail terms for traffic offences, because they are endangering other people’s lives by being reckless

Don’t Be A Lenient Passenger

Just like when rules are not enforced, we also have many lenient passengers, especially in Danfos and Okadas.
Some drivers/riders  are so bold that they sip alcohol while driving, and the passengers just keep quiet and ignore !! . Speak out !

Use Pedestrian Bridges

Mishaps are not only limited to people who occupy vehicles .Nigerian’s need to start making use of pedestrian bridges .Forget about the ‘stress’ and think about your life.

Proper Maintenance

I have seen people “manage” a non-functional brake. I have seen bus drivers use rope to tie their clutches and pull it with their hands .All these have to stop, don’t manage that tyre, that side mirror-get it fixed!! .Always take your car for regular maintenance. Once you find a fault, fix it! , no matter how minor it is .

Keep Away From Tankers, Trucks, Container Carriers

Always keep a safe distance away from tankers, trucks and container carriers.
No matter what happens try to avoid staying beside container trucks. The containers can fall off at any time ! .

Slow Down

Speed kills. When you are driving at a safe speed, in the event of an unexpected obstacle, it would be easier to evade and control the car. Drive at a safe speed !

Be Alert And Observant

Taking your eyes off the road, even for a split second can cost you your life.Pay attention to the road !, be observant !, leave your phone alone, the call can wait ! .

Take Internal Roads

This might sound quite absurd, but when you check statistics fatal accidents rarely happen in internal roads and streets. Its because you would be forced to drive at considerably safer speeds and the roads are too narrow to occupy those “death machines” .

So, as an extra line of protection, take internal roads more often, when the major road you are supposed to ply has so many tankers and container trucks plying the route.

Be safe !

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