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How To Survive When Your Car Is Getting Washed Away By Floodwater



It is getting to the peak of rain. News of cars floating in heavy floodwater and getting thrown into larger water bodies have been seen on social media.  I don’t pray you experience a water crash , but what if it happens, how do you survive one ? .

Here, we highlight some tips on how to survive a water crash. One never knows, it might come in useful someday.


Stay Calm

It might appear easier said than done, but as much as possible stay composed. This can actually save your life. You need all the oxygen you can get, do not waste it panicking.



It is important that you unstrap your seat belt when you noticed that you are getting washed off.

If there are kids in the car unbuckle theirs too. It is best to start with the eldest so they can help.

Evaluate the situation

Many factors, such as the angle in which a vehicle enters water or the type of vehicle can alter the manner and rate in which a vehicle sinks. Evaluating the situation is essential in determining when to perform crucial actions such as removing your seatbelt, opening or breaking a window, and/or opening a door.

Brace For Impact

Get ready for impact as soon as you washed away in the floodwater. If impact occurs, you would freaked out, but you need to be ready. Place both hands firmly on the steering wheel at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. At that point, understand that every second counts.  Ignore your phone; do not call anyone just yet. Just survive first.


Make Use Of All The Air You Can Get

While the car is filling up with water and there is still air, you have to make use of all the air you can get. Take slow and deep breaths while following all these steps.


Aim For The Window

On impulse, people would most time aim for the door for exit. This is not advisable. Besides, it can be impossible most times because of of hydraulic pressure in the water. Your best bet is going out through the window. Try winding it down , if it is not going down, remove the head rest of your seat or any other hard and strong material and use the metal to smash the window.

Swim Upwards

As soon as the window is out of the way, if there are kids, they should go out first. Ensure to hold them firmly as the water current might be too strong for them. Then you should all swim up while you push them (the kids) up.


Look for Help

As soon as you are above the water, find something to hold on to. Remember not to let the kids go. In case it’s a place where it won’t be easy to swim dry land, screaming for help while holding onto something is important, most likely someone would have already seen your car floating away so they are already trying to rescue you.


Seek Medical assistance

Try to get medical help as soon as you are out of the water. This is very important.

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