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Alibaba Just Launched An Amazing Car Vending Machine In China




Imagine the hardship you’ll go through to buy a car in Nigeria and compare it to what Alibaba is doing in China. Many of us still drive all day checking cars from one car lot to another while some Chinese consummates the entire transaction on their phones. 

Alibaba which is an e-commerce giant in China recently introduced this ingenious service and super members with good credit scores don’t even need to make any deposit.

This is how it works, use the mobile app called “Taobao” to scan any car on the street. Then find the car in the app to schedule your test drive. Fill in your basic information and snap a selfie as your passport photograph. Visit the closest car vending machine to you and gain entrance using facial recognition. You can then decide to buy the car after spending 3 days test driving it or you return the car. 

Dozens of other car vending machines will open across China within the next 1 year. 

Do you like this method of buying cars or you prefer the old school method of going to Berger and Ikorodu Road?

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