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Fascinating Anatomy Of US Presidential Motorcade, Cars That Accompanies Donald Trump



Fascinating anatomy of US Presidential Motorcade, including motorcycles; armoured Surburban SUVs and Ambulance; that accompanies Donald Trump’s bulletproof official state car, ‘The Beasts’.


It is an open secret that the US presidential limo, popularly known as “the beast” is one of the safest presidential car on the planet.

These fleet of heavily armoured Cadillac-branded vehicles are essentially medium-duty trucks disguised as luxury limousines.


The bunkers are designed to ferry the President to the safest and most dangerous places on earth without having the fear of being assassinated.

Despite the amazing features on this luxury armoured state car, an army of security vehicles still surround the beast to ensure the president remains safe.


Donald Trump’s Presidential Motorcade is both the safest and seemingly the riskiest convoy on the planet. The exact configuration of his motorcade changes, depending on the mission.

Let’s take a look at some of the vehicles in the US Presidential Motorcade.


Route Car (Pilot Car)

Donald Trump’s motorcade starts with the Route Car. Its work is to check the route and to provide guidance for inbound “Sweepers”.


The Route Car is followed by a number of police on motorcycles whose work is to clear the way so that the motorcade’s speed can remain as consistent.

Lead Car

The Lead Car can be any car from the armoured Secret Service Suburban, to Ford Taurus police car, or even a BMW.

Presidential Limousine aka ‘The Beast’


Directly behind the Lead Car are two identical armoured presidential limousines called ‘The Beast.’

One of these heavily-armoured Cadillacs ferries the president while the other act as a backup and decoy to confuse would-be attackers.

Armoured Chevrolet Suburban Vehicles




After the two special Cadillacs come no less than six armoured Secret Service Chevrolet Suburbans SUVs with flashing lights.

These SUVs includes the Presidential Security Detail SUV, code named “Halfback”; the Electronic Countermeasures Vehicle, code named “Watchtower”; and the Intelligence Division Vehicle, the “ID Car”.

Hazard Materials Mitigation Unit


Behind these SUVs is a black-out Hazmat truck. It carries communication satellites and sensors that can detect and respond to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons attacks that threaten the Motorcade.


The Hazmat truck is followed by Mobile Command and Control Vehicle or MC2V, code named the “Roadrunner”. They serve as a communication hub for the motorcade.


They are followed by vehicles like the Press Vans, Ambulance and the Rear Guard.

Rear Guard



Trump’s motorcade is completed by local police vehicles, such as motorcycles and marked patrol cars. Their job is to provide early warning and a defensive buffer for the rear of the motorcade.