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5 Annoying Places Nigerian Police Mount Checkpoints



Annoying Police Checkpoints

Annoying Police Checkpoints

We are all used to the checkpoints Nigerian policemen mount on roads. These checkpoints can be on highway, intra state roads and even in streets. Where they mount these checkpoints know no bounds.

Having a checkpoint by policemen is not bad. It is one of the several ways to put check on criminal activities. With these checkpoints, it’s easier to put to check the evil plans of robbers. Recovering stolen cars will be easier. Crimes can easily be reported and so on. On the contrary, terrible things do happen in these checkpoints. Some things like extortion, harassment and even bullying are what most Nigerians face.

There are several police checkpoints or road blocks at almost every major road in Nigeria. These checkpoints are very rare in the northern part of the country when compared to other regions of the nation.

However, you can go through these 16 tips for a safe and cordial relationship at police checkpoints, it may be of help to you. You’ll also see  ways to seek redress when you feel there is infringement on your rights.

In this post, we would talk about the annoying places were Nigerian police mount these checkpoints. Some of these annoying places where they mount these checkpoints may pose danger to the lives of road users.

Annoying Police Checkpoints

Below are some of the annoying places Nigerian police mount checkpoints

1. On sharp bending corners

Mounting checkpoints on sharp bending corners isn’t just annoying; it is risky. Bending corners limit the view of drivers on the roads ahead. This on a very bad day can cause accidents and possibly loss of lives and properties. Most Nigerian police officers mount their checkpoints on these sharp bending corners regardless.

2. Just after a steep cliff

This is another annoying place you see police checkpoints. We pity you if you don’t have very effective brakes because you’ll really need it to put your car to halt.  When checkpoints are on such position, it’s really hard to see.

3. Some meters after a checkpoint

You’ll experience this the more when driving on highway. Especially when you’re driving from Lagos down to South-Eastern part of Nigeria. You’ll see uncountable checkpoints and they are annoyingly close to one another. When you think you’re done with one checkpoint, you’ll suddenly sight another one ahead. The closeness of these checkpoints can be irritating.

4. In front of police station

As stated earlier, police checkpoints can be seen anywhere as long as they can make their money. In front of a police station is yet another weird place to see a checkpoint. What is the checkpoint doing there if we may ask?

5. Just after potholes

Driving through roads filled with potholes is a normal thing in Nigeria. Nigerian policemen most times take advantage of this. They will effortlessly make your car slow down with the help of the potholes.

We beckon on government to ensure that only checkpoints and nipping points that are operationally expedient for crime prevention and prevention and other forms of key duties are mounted on roads.

Let us know other annoying places Nigerian police mount their checkpoints. We will await your response in the comment section.

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