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The Battle-Field Called “Lagos Traffic”



Driving in Lagos traffic is akin to being in a battlefield.

Lagos traffic is no place for pleasantries.

One cannot afford to play the “Mr. or Ms. Nice”. Otherwise – “express go leave you”.

Every other motorist is perceived as an enemy; an enemy that contends with you for any available traffic spaces ahead of you.

Lagos traffic bottlenecks makes motorists deliberately avoid making eye contacts with co- motorists. This way, they do not give co-motorists any opportunity to ask them for traffic favours.

Flashing your pointers to indicate that you intend switching lanes is always an exercise in futility. No one is generous or willing to let go of the space ahead of him or her.

In Lagos traffic, you realize that road signs indicating “One-Way Traffic” is just there to decorate the roads.

Also, in Lagos traffic, you are exempted from obeying traffic rules if you fall into any of the following categories:  the police, army, government convoy, empty bullion vehicles, “danfos” with an official of the police, army, Man’O’War, as passenger, etc.

Then, there is the notorious Lagos traffic hawkers. Their business is to interest you in all imaginable commodities. Everything is available for purchase in Lagos traffic.  From the essential to the outrightly ridiculous.

Lagos traffic makes you realize that you have some habits that you never knew you had. For instance, hollering a swear word, a curse or some expletives you never realized you knew at an offending co-motorist.

Sanity and patience rare commodities in this battlefield.

In Lagos traffic, it is all man for himself and God for all.


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