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BMW M4 Towing A Half-bodied BMW M4 Trailer Spotted On The Road (Photos)




This BMW “train”, featuring a BMW M4 Gran Coupe towing a half-bodied BMW M4 Gran Coupe trailer, was spotted in Taiwan.

The trailer still features the rear part of the BMW M4 Gran Coupe, a boot and a roof storage.


We’ve seen how a crashed Audi A7 was repurposed into a motorized BBQ Grill Trailer. We also saw how a classic 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 was turned into a meeting room; boasting a working tape deck and a refrigerated bar built into the trunk.

Another great example of such conversions is this BMW “train”, spotted in Taiwan. It features a BMW M4 towing a BMW M4 trailer.





No one knows what happened to the front half of this Gran Coupe, but just like the Audi A7 motorized BBQ Grill Trailer, its likely the German car had a serious crash that rendered it totaled.

Unlike the Audi A7 BBQ Grill Trailer, that is being pulled by a pickup truck, the BMW M4 trailer is being towed by another M4.


Though the front end, engine, and front door all gone, the trailer still features the rear part of the sedan, a boot and a roof storage

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