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BMW’s Highway Assistant Expands To Other Models



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BMW is expanding its Highway Assistant, which is part of the Driving Assistant Professional package and can operate autonomously at speeds of up to 135 km/h. Being Level 2, the driver is required to pay attention, but the vehicle takes care of the driving.

Together with the Active Lane Change function, which only needs the driver to glance into the side mirror for the vehicle to proceed with lane change, the Highway Assistant is coming to the electric BMW i7 and BMW iX. The gas-powered 7 series, BMW XM, BMW X5, BMW X6, and BMW X7 are getting the treatment as well.

BMW is also adding new digital services to vehicles running the latest BMW OS9. We have a Siri voice assistant integration that no longer requires button pressing. The cloud-based BMW Maps will be updated to display better info about charging stations, including photos and ratings.

In some European markets, BMW is adding digital parking and EV charging payments without the need to leave the car. In Germany, this service allows you to pay for fuel as well. Finally, BMW Digital Key Plus is now integrated within the BMW App, and importing map views from the phone to the vehicle should be a cinch. The search function within the maps got an overhaul, and the results promised to be more relevant.

An interesting addition is the new E-mobility Analysis available in the My BMW app. It analyses your driving style, driving habits, and environment and suggests the most suitable EV for when you are ready to make the switch.

BMW’s spring update to its vehicle fleet and digital services seems like quite a comprehensive dust-off. The updates will start seeding eligible vehicles in March, alongside deliveries for the new versions of the iX2 and the i5.

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