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Germany Has Created A Charging Plaza That Charge More Than 200 EVs



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An entire group of electric cars can be charged in more and more places, but nowhere are there as many charging stations together as in Merklingen, Germany. A huge charging plaza recently opened there.

Last fall, an unprecedented charging plaza was opened in the German town of Merklingen, southeast of Stuttgart. There are no fewer than 259 charging spots. This makes it the largest charging plaza in the world, according to TankPro. The charging plaza was constructed with the aim of giving train passengers the opportunity to leave their car behind and have it charged during their journey. There is an important train junction in Merklingen, from which you can travel anywhere in the country by train.

The cars will be there for a while, and that in itself is not a problem, because charging takes place with only 11 kW. Then you quickly need a (small) working day to recharge an almost empty battery. You would say that the residents of Merklingen might suddenly be without power because of such a gigantic charging plaza, but the charging stations are powered by electricity generated by solar panels on the roofs above the parking spaces. Excess power is returned to the grid. According to  Hectronic, there are plans to install a buffer battery if demand grows, because then the solar panels may no longer be able to work.

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