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Would You Buy This 1954 Jaguar D-Type Le Mans Racer For N7.3 Billion? (Photos)





The 1954 Jaguar D-Type was the first serious use of monocoque construction in motorsport. A beautiful evolution on its predecessor, it was even more aerodynamic – thanks to designer Malcolm Sayer.

During testing at Le Mans in spring 1954, the D-type managed to beat the lap record by five seconds. Hopes were high when it came to that year’s race – and it finished in second place, despite experimental fuel filters causing two out of three of the D-types to retire. In 1955, it finally claimed victory.

With so much history, this D-Type is going up in an Arizona auction as it is expected to sell for more than $12 million. If you think this expected price is much, you may need to know that a similar one was sold for over N7.3 billion ($20 million) last year.

Would you get yourself one if you had the money? Or you’d buy something else instead?

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