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BYD Sets To Reunite All Chinese Brands Against “The Rest”



Afraid that Chinese brands will completely take over the car world? Then this message will not cheer you up. BYD calls on all Chinese brands to unite and fight for export markets together.

BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu does not mean uniting literally. According to Reuters, which comes out with the message, he means more than the Chinese brands should not be torn apart by an internal battle. Instead, according to Chuanfu, it’s more a matter of “China against the rest.” In addition, according to the big BYD boss, it is time for Chinese brands to play a dominant role in the global market. That has everything to do with patriotism: “It is an emotional need for 1.4 billion Chinese to see a Chinese brand become a global player,” he is said to have said somewhat loosely. It was not just friendly words, because BYD also allegedly called for the ‘old brands’ to be ‘demolished’. Pleasant!

That call to Chinese brands to reconcile may not hurt. There is reportedly still a real price war going on in China, especially in the EV field. Meanwhile, there is also competition for the favor of foreign buyers, not least in Europe. In addition to BYD, we now also know Xpeng, Nio, Hongqi, and the Geely brands, such as Lynk & Co and soon Zeekr. Seeing which of those Chinese brands comes out as the biggest is certainly interesting, but according to BYD, not what these brands should focus on.

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