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Car Owners Share Their Very Dodgy DIY Repair Jobs On Reddit (Pictures)



There’s nothing more frustrating than denting your much cherished car and having to fork out hundreds of pounds for an overpriced repair at your local garage.

But some car owners decided to take matters into their own hands by attempting to tackle the problem themselves with some very questionable DIY jobs.

The funny pictures were shared by car owners on Reddit and I know you might have seen a car with a worse DIY repairs on Nigeria roads.


Inspired by a corset, this vehicle owner decided to give his broken car a stylish touch with some rope and a bit of creative flair


One woman’s radio fell out of its crevice so she affixed it again using blocks of wood – and it seemed to do the job


In an attempt to stop her broken door from swinging open mid-journey, this owner used a simple padlock to keep things under control


Perhaps to prove his driving skills weren’t as bad as they appeared, a man used some spray paint to explain how he smashed his car up


As this car owner proves, a simple fork and elastic band can be all you need to fix a broken door handle


Some of the car repairs are priceless, including this attempt at holding together a broken door with a makeshift plaster


A car owner decorated his smashed car with some plasters when he couldn’t afford to repair the vehicle


Other car owners printed comedy statements on their cars in an attempt to conceal dents


Plenty of the car owners proved that a simple piece of string is all you need when it comes to fixing a broken vehicle


Despite their attempts to repair this car, it looked like it belongs on the scrap heap


Blink and you’ll miss these water bottles posing as makeshift car headlights


Some of the repairs were rather creative – including this man who used props from his kitchen sink as makeshift car parts


It seems that some people were in denial about their written off cars that really belonged at the pound rather than on the road


Some of the DIY car repairs were absolutely baffling and involved complex uses of rope, often making matters worse


This man filled in the gaps of his broken car with filler to keep the draft out for his backseat passengers


One car owner really went to town with the black duct tape to fix his broken car door


Many of the repair jobs involved using random objects from the kitchen


This creative car owner created a makeshift door handle using a bottle opener


Rather than send his car to the scrap heap, this driver used a huge plank of wood to make ammends


This truck driver kept his pipes in place using a collection of white bands – and it seemed to work


A man who covered a dent with a leaf

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