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Car Technology That Learns A Passengers’ Age, Gender And If The Driver Has Cheated Is Now Available




An in-car occupancy monitoring system that can scan and analyze car passengers to get some personal details has been developed.

The technology is dubbed “CabinSense”.

When installed in a car, it scans a passenger’s face as soon as they enter the car, then identifies who they are and records their age, gender, height and body mass, and position in the seat.

Why go this length to identify passengers?

Well, according to the developer of CabinSense, the monitoring helps to ensure a safer riding experience. This is so because, with the CabinSense, one can tell if the passenger is wearing a seatbelt and sitting safely, etc.

It can also disable airbags when detecting child seats, passengers sleeping across the back seats, or a child in an adult’s lap, thus preventing injury from the impact of the airbag.

For regular passengers, the system can be configured to quickly recognize them and recall them from its database. As a result, it could quickly apply the preferred settings such as temperature, seat adjustments, or media choices.

However, for occasional passengers, CabinSense could have some damaging consequences when it comes to privacy. For example, the car will “remember” a passenger that uses the car for the second time.

For example, that could be used as the perfect instrument to catch someone cheating. This might be useful to the cheated but does raise many concerns when it comes to how personal data is used.

CabinSense offers other useful functions, such as in a ride-hailing scenario. It can quickly detect objects such as phones or wallet in the backseat left by a passenger and quickly alert the driver. It will also be used to monitor activity, detecting if passengers are drinking or smoking.

CabinSense was developed by an Israeli artificial intelligence company, Eyesight Technologies.

Photo Credit: Carscoop


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