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Careers In The Automotive Industry To Explore



Careers In The Automotive Industry To Explore - autojosh

Careers in The Automotive Industry To Explore (PHOTO)Pursuing a career within the automotive industry are often a rewarding way to work hands-on with vehicles and technology. If you’re considering a career involving cars, it’s helpful to know the responsibilities of varied roles. Jobs within the automotive industry span many career segments, including maintenance, repair, design, development, sales and customer service. We’ll discuss some common careers across all sectors of the automotive industry.

If you’re keen on cars, hands-on work and technology, pursuing an automotive related career are often an excellent way to apply what you’re keen on to your job. There are a good style of roles available, which permit you to use your passion and skills to your chosen sector of the car industry. You’ll even have the opportunity to work with a various mixture of individuals who share your love of cars.

  1. Car detailer

Car detailers clean the inside and exterior of vehicles by washing, vacuuming, waxing and polishing the car. If needed or requested by the vehicle’s owner, they’ll also steam and deodorize the carpets, buff the painted surfaces, apply protective finishes to the outside and shine the wheel rims. Car detailers interact with the purchasers to work out what services they have and drive vehicles around their shop to finish the work.

  1. Car Rental agent

Car rental agents administer and recommend rental cars to guests who need to temporarily use a vehicle. They take customer documentation and ensure vehicles within the rental fleet are well maintained. Car rental agents should be conversant in the operation and technological features of a range of auto types and be comfortable driving them around their lot as required.

3. Vulcanizers

Technicians service, repair and replace car tyres to make a fuel-efficient and smooth ride for the driving force. They’re intimate various tyre types—including snow tyres—and recommended treads for various road or off-road environments. Tyre technicians are often employed by a tyre specialty fix-it shop or as a part of a much bigger automotive technician team at an outsized auto body shop.

  1. Vehicle inspector

The vehicle inspector is liable for ensuring vehicles meet safety standards—reporting violations and recommending repairs. They check cars for damages and drive them to work out any malfunctions. The inspector also connects the vehicles to mechanical and electrical testing devices to look at the components for damage or incorrect settings.

They review the cars’ emission levels and any customizations added to the vehicles and ensure the cars meet all required regulations. If any repairs are necessary, the inspector will review the cars after repairs are completed to make sure they meets quality standards.

  1. Driving instructor

Auto instructors teaches students about repairing cars, engines, mechanical features and electrical systems. They’ll concentrate on one or two maintenance areas or teach the fundamentals of all vehicle components. They typically add a shop-style classroom where students are ready to gain hands-on maintenance and repair experience.

  1. Auto body repair technician

Auto body repair technicians are liable for safely and efficiently fixing car frames, suspensions, dents, windows and therefore the wheel alignment after a vehicle has been damaged. Auto body repair technicians often interact with customers in their repair shop and must have strong customer service and business skills to offer the customer a decent estimate of the value and time required to repair their vehicle.

Careers In The Automotive Industry To Explore - autojosh

  1. Car Import Business

The Nigerian economy mostly thrives on imported cars due to the fact that cars are not being manufactured in the country. Furthermore, the market for imported cars is very lucrative and it is a profitable business because Nigeria has a large population, increasing middle class with purchasing power to acquire new vehicles.

Importation is normally considered to be a stressful process because of some setbacks and obstacles people face, which is Bureaucratic. The challenging part of vehicle importation into Nigeria is to bring everything in one place buying the car, the shipping and clearance at the port, all of these steps need adequate patients.

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  1. Auto mechanic

Auto mechanics are liable for completing routine maintenance, diagnostic testing and mechanical repairs. They primarily work on motorized components including engines, drive belts, power-steering, brakes and transmissions. Newer vehicles are often plugged into a computerized diagnostic testing machine, which tells the mechanic what repairs are required.

The mechanic may have to recalibrate a motor, rewire parts or replace the whole component. Auto mechanics are conversant in vehicle regulations and technological systems and make sure the vehicle is safe to work when returned to the owner.

  1. Auto electrician

Auto electricians are liable for inspecting, repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s headlights, dashboard warning lights, alarm, circuit boards and starter. They often add mechanical and auto body shops with other technicians, but specialize in the electrical issues within the vehicle.

The auto electrician plugs the computerized diagnostic system into the car to work out the difficulty and develop an idea to repair it. The plan could include rewiring elements, replacing light bulbs or the whole electrical system. is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector, and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety, and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. TA

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