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Cars With Failed Ball Joint Spotted On Nigerian Roads (Photos)



Cars with failed ball joint spotted on Nigerian roads.

Ball joint failure is one of the faults that scares Nigerians away from buying car brands like Honda. Surprisingly, this ball joint failure issue is not an issue faces by just Honda cars; any other car can be in such condition.

However, everything boils down to maintenance and paying attention to your car. The mechanic that you take your car to also has a cut of the pie. Some mechanics do not do the needful. Some will just not check the car properly, but eventually, will tell you nothing is wrong. You end up taking their word at your own peril.

This is a very common fault in Honda. It is one of the major reasons most Nigerians frown at buying Honda products especially the Accord. A lot of people will tell you they are not ready to experience the “Honda Surprise”. But as we have said earlier, it is not just a fault in Honda cars.

The picture above is a picture of the ball joint found in Honda cars. This is very similar to the ones found it German cars too. It is the component that pulls off when you neglect the signs it give. When it pulls off, the wheel of your car will go out of position. This can go to the extent of damaging several other car components such as fender, bumper and so on.

We made a compilation of several cars that had ball joint issues on Nigerian roads. This is a little proof to convince you the issue is not just for the Honda Brand. You’ll see other brands like Mercedes (G Wagon for that matter), Volkswagen, Toyota and so on, give way on the road.

Potholes also contribute to what makes car ball joints give way. You may also like to read our post on “5 Vehicle Parts That Are Easily Damaged By Potholes”.

Photos of cars with failed ball joint spotted on Nigerian roads;

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