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Check Out This Two-Storey Recreational Vehicle By SAIC (Photos)




Check Out This Two-Storey Recreational Vehicle By SAIC

The SAIC recreational vehicle from all indication is the ultimate RV that doesn’t.  have to be big like others but still comes with features others will be dreaming of. In addition, this RV is easy to drive, cheaper to fuel without compromising quality. Everything in this RV has been carefully made to meet the needs of that outdoor person who seeks an adventure. Let’s get to the full details of this recreational vehicle, shall we???

The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition, designed and built in China, appears to offer the best of both mobile worlds. The vehicle has a relatively small footprint (it’s only slightly larger than what you see most van-lifers driving around in), but it employs slide-out walls to greatly increase the floor space to around 215 square feet inside while the RV is parked. There’s a fairly spacious sleeping berth located above the driver’s cab which leaves more room in the back for a large L-shaped couch and a respectably sized kitchen. The kitchen includes a cooktop and an oven. There’s also a fridge and sink. In the back, there’s a bathroom with a shower.

When extended the upper area is airy and looks ideal for an area to sit down and enjoy the view. There’s 133 square feet (12.4 square meters) of space. The awning over the top is illuminated so the relaxation can last well into the night. The windows are adjustable between clear and opaque in case folks up there want some privacy. A doorway allows access to the balcony that’s positioned over the van’s cab. The sweetest feature is the elevator that takes you to the upper chamber of the vehicle. This feature is good for those with disabilities.

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