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Checkout These Amazing Toll Gates In Dubai (PHOTOS)



In terms of public infrastructure, Dubai always aims for the extra-ordinary.

For instance, the toll gates in Dubai are quite unique and ultra-modern. The tool gates there have no toll-booths, no toll-collectors, and they do not cause traffic build-ups.

The toll-gate system in Dubai is dubbed “Salik”. “Salik”, is an Arabic word for “open” or clear”.

Salik is an electronic toll system. It is based on RFID technology. Whenever a car drives under the toll gate, it automatically deducts a fee from the driver’s account.

The use of this technology ensures the continuous flow of traffic. This is unlike the traditional type of toll-gates that requires drivers to stop and pay the charges with cash or with a card.

The fee charged for using the toll gate is 4 AED (N400). The amount is automatically deducted from their pre-paid toll account each time you drive through a toll gate. Alternative roads are available for those who don’t mind a longer trip time in order to avoid the toll fees.

In Dubai, motorists are required to buy a 100 AED pre-paid card/tag that is affixed to their windscreens. You could buy a tag online or at petrol stations in Dubai using your Salik account.

Penalties for crossing a toll gate without the Salif tag

Of course, there are penalties for crossing a toll gate without the Salik tag fixed on your car.

If you don’t have a tag on your vehicle and you drive through a tollgate, you are expected to open a Salik account and tag within 10 working days. Otherwise, you would get fined. Thereafter, the 10-day grace period elapses, you will be fined  Dh100 for the first day you drive through Salik toll gates, Dh200 for the second day and Dh400 for each subsequent day after the second day.

Taxis in Dubai are also charged the Salik toll fees. Taxi drivers typically add it to the taxi fare given to their passengers. Car-hire companies also attach a Salif tag on their cars. Clients debit or credit cards are charged for the deductions. was recently in Dubai. There, we hired a car for our use in the city. The car had a Salik tag on it. See below the charges that we incurred for using the toll gates. The charges are automatically debited from our Debit Cards.

In Dubai, Locations, where you would encounter toll gates, are Al Barsha, Al Garhoud, Al Maktoum, Al Mamzar, Al Safa, Airport Tunnel, Energy Metro Station, Jebel Ali, etc.

Similar electronic toll collection technology is currently operational in some countries. In 2013, it was launched in South Africa.

The Salik toll was launched by Dubai’s Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on 1 July 2007.

See below some photos of the Salif Toll Gates.

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