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China Opens 8-lane 12.89-km Nansha Bridge, The First Bridge With 5G Network




China on Tuesday officially opened a 12.89km Nansha Bridge in the southern province of Guangdong, becoming first bridge in the World with a 5G network. To put the length of the bridge into perspective, the 3rd Mainland Bridge (officially known as Ibrahim Babangida bridge) in Lagos ( also the second longest bridge in Africa) has a total length of 11.8 km.

The 8-lane bridge is designed to handle 100,000 vehicles per day and for traffic speed of 100 kilometers per hour.It links Guangzhou and Dongguan (known as “the world’s factory) ,and cuts travel time between the two cities by 30 minutes. It aims to improve the traffic flow between both sides of the Pearl River estuary.

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As the latest major transport project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the 12.89-km bridge began to provide 4G and 5G services on the day it opened.

To ensure smooth network connectivity, telecommunication base stations were launched on the towers and lamp posts of the bridge, an innovative technique, said the commission.

Also known as the Humen Second Bridge, the 40.5-meter-wide Nansha Bridge is also the world’s widest steel box girder suspension bridge.

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