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13 Distractions You Should Avoid While Driving



Few days ago, I spotted someone applying make-up behind the wheels of a moving car.. and kids were inside the car. That’s the craziest I have ever seen. What about you?

Distracted driving includes all activities that diverts the attention of the driver away from the primary task of driving. Distractions endanger the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.


Avoid these 13 distracted driving habits:

1. Talking on phone

Buy and install a bluetooth hands free device in your car if it does not have one. Alternatively, use the ear piece because… if police catch you…. I beg Sir will not resolve the matter.


2. Texting, Whatsapping and updating social media

Looking at your phone for 3 to 5 seconds is absolutely disastrous. But some drivers still find it difficult to resist in this social media age.

3. Engaging in thoughts outside driving (Daydreaming)

A “Benz S65 AMG” overtakes your “Honda Baby Boy” and you start to daydream.


4. Keeping an eye on the kids.

This is one of the reasons the child safety seat is absolutely necessary.


5. Applying makeups or grooming

Imagine applying mascara or eye pencil on the eyes you are meant to use to see the highway.


6. Eating, drinking or smoking

The tummy is important but your life is more important.


7. Street or house searching 

Better to park and ask for direction instead of causing chaos in the middle of the road.


8. Drivers greeting each other in the middle of the road

Some will even block the entire road and talk for like a minute ignoring all the honking.


9. Watching in-dash or sun visor DVD while driving

Some drivers install that aftermarket DVD to show off but it’s risky.


10. Talking to or arguing with passengers

Ibadan drivers can like to do this!


11. Fiddling with entertainment and on board electronics


12. Wanting to catch up with everything that happens on the road

Amebo drivers can be so annoying. They slow down and turn their rubber neck to be fully debriefed when any incident occurs on the road.


13. Killing or chasing flies and mosquitoes inside your car while driving

This is uncommon but it has led to some terrible road accidents.


Add yours in order to make our roads safer and tell us the distraction you are most guilty of.

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