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Don’t Throw Away Those Old Tyres. See What You Can Use Them For (PHOTOS)



In Nigeria, the most common use for old and condemned tyres is for mounting power generator set on. This way, the tyre serves as a cushion for the vibrating equipment.

Old and condemned tyres have some notorious functions too in Nigeria. For instance, they are used to set people caught for crimes ablaze in acts of jungle justice.

Well, some people are thinking outside the box.

These set of people have shown that there are hundreds of things that old tyres can be used for. Mostly, for interior or exterior décor.

Rubber is very durable and soft because of its elasticity and it is very easy to work with in terms of crafts and DIY projects. T

The next time you have your tyres changed, ask to keep the old tyres and then look at the several different and exciting items that you could produce for them.

See below photos of how old tyres were repurposed.


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