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Elon Musk Has Done It Again ,Its A Huge Step



hyperloop elon


The human mind is consistently pushing for improvement and efficiency.One major aspect is speed and time management.

The Hyperloop is a high speed tunnel transportation system.Just imagine the manner and speed at which your drink travels through a straw as you suck it -a very similar and relatable analogy,right ?.

Hyperloop is going to change the way we travel and save a huge portion of the time we waste in traffic .

Elon Musk announced on twitter that he has gotten approval  to build an underground Hyperloop in the US.

Check out his tweet below :



When I spoke about speed earlier I wasn’t talking about the Bugatti kind of speed ,I was talking about as much as 1,200 Km/h.

Check This Out : Hyperloop Releases New Images :How Would You Like To Travel At 1200 Km/h

What do you think ?

Is this possible ?

Are we moving too fast ?

Let us hear from you .

The future is here !

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