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Hyperloop Releases New Images :How Would You Like To Travel At 1200 Km/h



For those of you who have not heard about hyperloop ,its a medium of transportation that involves traveling through tubes at very high speeds .More like a train in a tube , but without tracks ,just floating mid air.

The main man behind this whole fantasy-like proposed means of transportation is Tesla CEO ,Elon Musk.He has however open-sourced the idea.A lot of companies and researchers are working tirelessly to have a breakthrough.

Recently a Los Angeles startup(Hyperloop One) released pictures of what could become the world’s first hyperloop tube.Its currently under construction in a Nevada desert.

It is designed to shuttle pods carrying passengers and cargo at speeds of up to 1,220 km/h (760 mph) through sealed, low pressure tubes.

I know it sounds like science fiction and sure enough, the idea of super-fast tube transport does have roots in sci-fi movies – but the images we see gives us an inkling that this may not be fantasy for too long.

The test site, called DevLoop, currently spans  500 metres (1,640 ft) in length and weighs over 1 million kilograms (more than 2.2 million pounds).When its completed it would span as much as 3 kilometers.

I would not bore you with much talk ,but let me break things down.This medium of transportation is aimed at connecting cities at unbelievable speeds.Imagine traveling from Kano to Lagos in 42 minutes ?,yeah I know its shocking .Thats the whole aim of the hyperloop program to crunch down travel time.

This would help a lot  ,increase productivity, and help people work in places that are far from their houses(hopefully if its cheap,  which I doubt)

Check out the images below :

Do you think this is possible,if its possible is it feasible ?

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