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Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV Pushed To Its Limit In The Snow (Video)




Who says electric vehicles can’t drive in snow? Watch as US automaker, Ford, tests Mustang-inspired electric SUV in harsh conditions…


Ford is on a mission to educate the the masses that its upcoming all-electric car will be fun to drive. The automaker wants to dispel any idea that electric cars won’t be able to deal with slippery conditions, or that the battery-packs will drain faster in cold weather.

To prove them wrong, Ford took its heavily camouflaged prototype car to the Smithers Winter Test Center, where the Mustang-inspired SUV played its way around in the ice and packed snow without loosing its performance capabilities.


Ford asked in the short clip,
“Who says electric vehicles aren’t fun to drive?”

The video ends with the statement:

“Ford electric vehicles are coming – and we promise you’re in for an exhilarating ride.”

This move comes after automaker’s recent survey found that only 19 percent of Americans trust electric vehicles in bad weather. The survey also shows only 28 percent would choose electric cars over a regular petrol-powered engine to travel in an emergency.

Ford hasn’t reveal the SUVs power-train, but it says it will come with Mobile Charger that can be connected to either a 120- or 240-volt outlet.

The 120-volt outlet will be able to add 3 miles of range for every hour of charge. The 240-volt outlet, the type used in Nigeria, will deliver 22 miles of range for every hour of charge.

Ford is currently putting finishing touches to its Mustang-inspired crossover. It plans to launch the high-riding vehicle in next year as a 2021 model.


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