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Ford Suspends Deliveries Of The F-150 Lightning



Ford suspends deliveries of its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck due to an unknown issue with the vehicles. This happened a few weeks after the company announced that it would scale down production of the same model in the United States due to declining sales.

This concerns the F-150 Lightning from model year 2024, deliveries of which started in January. The company will carry out quality checks on the trucks, it has said. Ford did not want to explain why it would be doing these checks. It is also not clear when deliveries to car dealers will resume. Ford stopped shipping the electric pickup truck on February 9.

The model was the best-selling electric pickup truck in the United States last year. The American company said it reduced production of the F-150 Lightning in January to achieve an “optimal balance” between production, sales growth, and profitability. Ford thinks that sales of electric cars will rise less quickly this year than previously expected. The company says it is the second most popular electric car brand in the US, behind market leader Tesla.

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