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Fuel From Gas Stations In Nigeria Can Trigger Several Dashboard Warning Lights – Segun



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Today may certainly not be the first time you’ll hear most Nigerian gas stations sell low quality fuel. Segun, a Twitter, couldn’t agree less. He’s of the opinion that bad fuel alone can trigger a lot of dashboard lights in your car.

According to our findings from Vanguard, major oil companies extract and export up to 2m barrels a day of high quality, low sulphur “Bonny Light” crude from the Niger delta. But very little of this oil is refined in the country because its four state-owned refineries are dysfunctional or have closed.

However, Nigeria get most fuel from foreign dealers who end up selling low-grade, “dirty” fuel to us.

Hardly will you see premium fuel to buy in Nigeria. That’s why you’ll see some performance car performing poorly.

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Problems are bound to arise when the combustion chamber of your car does not receive high-quality fuel vapor that it needs.

Internal combustion engine vehicles get its power from these complex combustion processes. When this process is disrupted, there will be no proper combustion, the ignition will be interrupted and lots more.

All these can cause performance related problems in cars and in extreme cases, it can damage the vehicle totally.

Read our post on the 7 Effects Of Bad Fuel In Cars to understand why Segun on Twitter really thinks those light are bound to come up. He was exaggerating though, because bad fuel can’t cause all those dashboard light to come on.


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