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Gernot Dollner Is Set To Become Audi’s New CEO



After more than three years, Audi will soon have a new CEO. Gernot Döllner will take over from Markus Duesmann on 1 September.

As of September 1, Gernot Döllner can call himself the new CEO of Audi. Döllner thus takes his place on the throne that has been kept warm since April 1, 2020, by Markus Duesmann.

Duesmann is kindly thanked by Chairman of the Supervisory Board Manfred Döss for “[…] the important work” he has done. According to Döss, Duesmann has made important strategic choices in recent years, including in the field of electrification. According to the chairman, Audi should be able to build on this in the coming years with Gernot Döllner at the helm. “At this moment Döllner is the right person to further strengthen Audi’s product strategy and the brand’s position in key markets.”

Döllner himself says he is of course delighted with his new position. Döllner joined Volkswagen in 1993 and has held various positions at Porsche, among others. Since 2021, Döllner has been at the helm of, among other things, the Product and Group Strategy department of the Volkswagen Group. Duesmann himself is not mentioned in Audi’s accompanying letter. The change of guard comes shortly after Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume said he believes that Audi’s performance is somewhat disappointing in areas such as EVs.

Gernot Dollner Is Set To Become Audi's New CEO

Audi’s New CEO Gernot Doller

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