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Helicopter Company Says Unusual Weather Conditions Caused VP Osinbajo’s Aircraft Crash



vp osinbajo chopper crash land

Caverton Helicopters is the helicopter company responsible for transporting VP Yemi Osinbajo and other government officials to Kabba, Kogi State that crash-landed.

The news of of the news of VP Osinbajo involved in the crash-landing was all over the internet last Saturday. In case you missed it, you can read it up through this link here.

The manager of Caverton Helicopters has attributed “unusual weather conditions” to the cause of the crash.

A press release available to Autojosh states that the crashed helicopter was managed by Caverton Helicopters.

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The press release reads:

“An Augusta AW139 Helicopter, under management by Caverton Helicopters was involved in a mishap on landing in Kabba, Kogi State around 3pm today (2nd February 2019) as a result of unusual weather conditions.

“There were no injuries to the passengers or crew onboard and they were all quickly and safely evacuated.

“The relevant authorities have been duly informed and an investigation into the incident has commenced. We will, of course, support the authorities as required.

“We wish to re-assure the public and the various stakeholders of our unwavering commitment to safety in all of our operations.”


We hope the right regulatory institution carry out a proper investigation on what caused the chopper to crash-land.

press release helicopter company osinbajo aircraft crash

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