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How Long Is Safe To Drive In A Day?



How Long Is Safe To Drive In A Day

How Long Is Safe To Drive In A Day

How long is safe to drive in a day? Some people must have asked this question but were not able to get the right answers they need. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll get befitting answers to this question.

The time spent driving may be neglected by many, but it is pertinent you know how long is safe for one to drive. Many have embarked on journeys without adequate planning and management which often lead to accumulated stress and drowsy driving. This has caused much avoidable crashes as drivers are prone to sleep on steering while driving.

First thing you should do before every long drive it to check if you’re fit to make such journey. After all your necessary checks, you should never drive if you’re already tired.

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So, how long is safe for one to drive in a day?

According to the Nigeria Highway Code, “a driver must rest for 15minutes after every 4 hours of driving. No single driver should drive more than 10 hours in 24 hours( or a day).”

There is this popular saying in Nigeria that “body no be firewood.” This also applies when you’re driving too. It is important you take breaks over a long distance drive. This will sure ease the stress of the journey for you.

Commercial drivers should always adhere to this because most of them would want to take as many trips as possible in a day.

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