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How Mounting a Dash Cam Can Aid Against SARS Harassment



Mounting a Dash Cam in one’s car may prove helpful when involved in harassment by SARS. The Dash Cam is short for Dashboard Camera. Other names for the dash cam are Car Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Event Data Recorder (EDR). It is an on-board camera which records the view from a vehicle’s windscreen, rear window or other windows.

There are a range of dash cameras providing varying functions. They are very useful in providing evidence at vehicular incidents. In cases of vehicle accidents, vandalism, parking offences, monitoring hired drivers, and wrongful arrests, the dash cam proves an instrumental device in determining culpable parties.

Dash Cams SARS Harassment

SARS Harassment Continues, No End in Sight

The advantages of mounting a dash cam are not restricted to the fore-mentioned situations. Dash cams may prove very useful in handling SARS victimisation. In this year alone, Nigeria has recorded significant loss to SARS intimidation, extortion and unlawful acts.

Young men have died from deliberately planned attacks at the hands of SARS officials. Many are detained from unlawfully arrests and have no hope of being released. Young men especially are repeatedly attacked on the road, beaten, manhandled, with guns pointed in their faces. After searching their phones and laptops, SARS officials force ‘payments’ or ‘settlements’ on their victims to secure their release. Being labelled fraudsters and “yahoo yahoo”, they are marched off to the ATM machines and forced to withdraw specified amounts. Failure to do so is met with threats of imprisonment or death. News of repeated attacks daily circulate social media. Yet, there seems to be no help from the authorities to stem this evil.

Dash Cams SARS Harassment

Mounting a Dash Cam Can Prove Useful

On Twitter last week, a tweep, @alexcrownus tweeted:

On this #SARS matter, I have had to install a dashcam, including a rear camera. It has saved me from harassment many times. Ironically, I also have about five Police numbers on speed dial to make a distress call. Calling Police to report Police. Shame!

The thread makes an interesting conversation. As well as posting a picture of the dash cam showing a series of police numbers, he continues:

Once they stop me, enter my car and see my dashboard with camera and Police numbers everywhere they change the tone to “your boys have been in the sun since morning, find something for us to quench the thirst” or “Happy weekend sir”. I politely tell them I am cashless compliant

Another tweep, @i_am_mylo suggested that individuals wear body cams. This conversation demonstrates that Nigerians recognise that the individual has to protect himself with whatever tools are available to himself. The dash cam is one of such tools.

Dash Cams SARS Harassment

Every Dash Cam Becomes a Defence Tool Against Harassment

There are numerous reports of SARS incidents. Far too many of these occurrences resulted in loss of life and money. As Nigerians continue to fight against this oppression, every possible and lawful defence tool should be taken up.

If susceptible victims employ the dash cam in the fight against SARS oppression, there will be far more records of undeniable evidence in video and pictures. Streaming these videos live will enable the entire world follow such events in real time. In any court proceedings, such videos when produced will also help prove claims in favour of the victim.

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