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How To Make These Expensive Car Parts Last Long



Nobody likes spending unnecessarily on repairs. These repairs can be extremely costly if care is not taken. Replacing some of these parts is relatively expensive and that’s why we are coming up with ways you can at least make them last longer.

Some of the parts and the ways to make them last longer:

1. Fuel Filter:

The purpose of the fuel filter is to prevent foreign materials and dirt from entering the fuel pump. This function can make it clog over time due to constant accumulation of dirt.
You can know your fuel filter is bad when you struggle to start your car, increased fuel consumption, illuminated ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light on your dashboard etc

To make it last long, make attempts to clean it, but its best to follow manufacturer’s replacement schedule.

fuel filter

2. Battery:

This supplies the electrical/electronic components of your car the power needed to function.
In a bid to extend the lifespan, don’t leave your lights or other gadgets on overnight. Ensure the car battery gets enough charge, short trips can deprive the battery of this.
Do not expose the battery to flames or electrical sparks.
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal cable if the battery won’t be in use for long in order to avoid discharge.

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car battery

3. Clutch:

The lifespan of a clutch normally would last fairly long. Incorrect or improper use of the clutch can dramatically reduce this long lifespan.
If you want to extend the lifespan of your clutch, use it as little as possible. When on standstill, you can just use neutral and handbrake than depressing the clutch. Also ensure you change gears smoothly and don’t rest your foot on the clutch.


4. Brake pads:

Don’t form it as a habit to always break abruptly or harshly. During replacement, have both sides of the brake pads replaced together to ensure balance.

brake pads

5.Head gasket:

The surest way to extend its lifespan is to prevent the gasket from overheating. Always resolve engine overheat.

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top gasket of a car


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