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How to properly use the “Baby on Board” sign



Do you know this “Baby on Board!” sign?

It is black on yellow print, usually attached to one of the back windows of a vehicle with a suction. It’s use is most commonly believed to inform other motorists that the vehicle displaying the sign is traveling with a baby.

In reality, it has dual functions:
Parents want to keep their children safe. The sticker reminds you that a baby is a passenger in the vehicle and prompts you to drive more safely.

Parents love their babies. While commuting with their precious underaged passengers, they would rather prefer other Nigerian road users not to exhibit aggressive driving and unnecessary loud horns that may upset the driver or the baby that might as well be sleeping –babies love sleeping in cars 🙂

In the unfortunate occurrence of an accident, the sign can alert RRS, Police, Fire Brigade or other emergency services that there is a child in the vehicle who might not be able to extricate themselves.

You should only use the sign when a child is actually in the vehicle.
If for example, there is no child in a burning vehicle, rescuers could endanger themselves by continually searching for a baby that was not in the vehicle in the first place!

If there is no baby in your car. Please remove the sign from your vehicle. (That’s why it is easily detachable). Pregnant women are exempted.

Next time you see a “Baby on Board!” sign on a vehicle, do the baby a favour by displaying some impeccable driving manners.
The baby will appreciate it.



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