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Mercedes-Benz Is In No Rush To Expand Battery Production



In recent years, battery factories (or plans for them) have sprung up like mushrooms. Mercedes-Benz is taking a step back in that area because, for the time being, the demand for batteries no longer seems to be entirely in line with what the plans were.

Mercedes-Benz is quite well prepared for a sharp increase in demand for electric cars in terms of battery production. However, in recent times, EV demand seems to be taking a different course than expected by many parties (including Mercedes-Benz). That is why Mercedes recently put the brakes on the development of new EVs. Not only that, but according to Mercedes, it is now time to tighten things up a bit in the area of ​​battery production, now that the sales forecast for EVs is being revised downwards.

According to Reuters, COO Markus Schäfer wonders out loud whether the 200 GWh battery capacity that Mercedes had set as a target for 2030 is still necessary. Mercedes is keeping a close eye on this and says it still needs to get a clearer picture of market developments, but it already seems clear which way things are going. Schäfer is not worried that adjustments are possible: “We are quite flexible. We will consider our next steps when we have a better view of demand.” Earlier this year, Mercedes had already scrapped plans for two battery factories in Germany and Italy.

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