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See How An Innocent Car Dealer Was Grossly Implicated In A Kidnap Case By Car Buyers



car dealer implicated in a kidnap case

car dealer implicated in a kidnap case

We came across this story on a car page on Instagram and we thought it wise to share it with you on our platform. This is a story of how a car dealer was unknowingly implicated in a kidnap case by car buyers.

The car dealer did not see any of the problem coming and never suspected a thing until he was nabbed.

Read the full story below;

Three men visited a car stand. They asked for the pricing of a 2013 Toyota Camry and the seller told them the price (say 5 million naira). They asked him for his account details and after 2 days, they transferred 3 million naira into his account.

Immediately after the transfer, they came to him and told him they are sorry but they couldn’t complete the cash; so the car dealer should give them 2 million -five hundred thousand naira and keep the other five hundred thousand naira on it as fees for inconvenience on his part. The car dealer happily did that and was happy he got 500k as fees for doing almost nothing.
Fast forward to 3 days time, he had his car stand invaded by F-SARS and anti kidnapping squads. They asked if he was the owner of the account and Nabbed him immediately He admitted to ownership of the account; then it dawned in him what was really happening.

The guys were kidnappers and they used his account to receive kidnap ransom making him culpable in the offense. He paid them cash with no trace and they made It look like the 500k was his own share of the loot! Now he is in very deep trouble but it could have been avoided.

That’s it people, stay safe and be very careful. Don’t go looking for quick cash or commissions without doing your DD. Let wisdom guide you always and don’t be greedy!

I’d be grateful if members of this forum can rebroadcast this message so people can learn this latest format from the men of the under world.

Credit: AbujaCar Ltd [Instagram]


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  1. Prem Chauhan

    April 4, 2019 at 16:32

    Thanks for sharing this information. It was quite interesting to read this article. It Was really helpful and knowledgeable. Great work keep going. Thank you.

    • Nwogbunyama Emeka

      April 5, 2019 at 12:38

      You’re welcome

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