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IVM Is An Automaker Not An Assembly Plant, We Only Imports Engine, Light – Innoson Boss



During a tour around its factory, Innoson boss ‘Chukwuma’ told its new partner Oilserv Group that IVM is an automaker and not an Assembly Plant.

He said IVM only imports automobile engines and lights, while other parts are sourced in Nigeria.


Chairman/CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, IVM, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, has revealed that his company only imports automobile engines and light, as all other car equipments are sourced within the country.

According to Innoson boss, sixty percent (60%) of its materials are sourced locally, adding that IVM remains a 100 percent manufacturing company and not a car assembly firm.


Chukwuma, whose company currently manufactures luxury SUVs; small buses; luxury buses; pickup trucks; ambulances and military trucks, said :

“IVM only imports engine and light while all the electrical aspects and other equipment are sourced in-country.”


This was revealed when Chairman/Group CEO of Oilserv Group, Dr. Emeka Okwuosa, visited IVM’s manufacturing plant in Nnewi, Anambra State, to encourage local content.


Recall that last week Oilserv Group, an oil and gas company in Nigeria partnered with Innoson Vehicle Motors, IVM, to support local production of automobiles in Nigeria.

During his tour around the factory, Oilserv Group boss, Dr. Emeka Okwuosa, said :

“We are partnering with IVM on vehicles that are going to be used in our oil and gas industry operations. We are partnering with IVM in the area of conceptualisation, manufacturing and use of local automobiles.”


The Oilserv Chairman also added that since the second quarter of 2020, it has procured over half-a-billion (N600 million) worth of automobiles from IVM.

In his remarks, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman/CEO, IVM, lauded Oilserv management for its support towards promoting and supporting its products. Chukwuma also urged other companies and individuals to do the same.