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Kia Teases Facelifted EV6 With Expected Longer Range



The EV6 was the pioneer of Kia’s EV family, but in terms of appearance, it is now lagging behind the rest. Kia will soon rectify this with a facelifted model.

Three years ago, we were introduced to the Kia EV6, the first in a series of dedicated electric cars on the E-GMP platform. These electric cars are and will be drawn according to the design language called Opposites United, but this is expressed somewhat differently on the EV9, and EV5 and probably soon also on the EV3 than on the EV6. Not just because they are all tall models and the EV6 is a slightly lower and more stretched model. The lighting, especially at the front of the EV6, also seems almost designed according to a different design manual.

As we expected, a facelift is now in the works for the Kia EV6 that will somewhat rectify this. In two teaser photos, we already see how Kia works. There was work to be done, especially at the front, and that is where the brand started working most enthusiastically. The Kia EV6 will soon receive completely new headlights and Star Map units that cover a completely different part of the nose, especially at the bottom, than is currently the case. Between the headlights, we see a differently shaped dark recess in the nose. At the rear, it remains a little more the same, although Kia also ensures that it is more reminiscent of the other EV models with triangular points on the corners of the rear lights.

It remains to be seen what technical innovations are coming for the EV6. Count on updated infotainment, and a larger battery pack may also be available. The presentation will probably be sometime in the next few months.

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