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Lady Born Without Arms Shares How She Drives Her Car



A young woman born without arms, who made series of YouTube videos demonstrating how she uses her feet to carry out a range of daily tasks in a bid to show employers that her disability is not an obstacle, shares how she drives her car.

To drive, Miss Tisha Shelton, who is known online as Tisha UnArmed, uses an adapted car which has been fitted with a range of special devices including a left foot accelerator, a turn knob on the steering wheel and a voice command computer box which controls functions such as the turn signal and horn.

She steers with her right foot and uses her left foot to work the pedals, while special buttons in the headrest also allow her to activate the voice command computer box.

To date ,the graphic design graduate, who lives alone with her dog Jack, has posted videos showing how she makes and eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, how she applies her makeup, how she takes a shower, how she gets dressed and how she drives her car.

Truly, There Is Ability In Disability. What Do You Think?