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How To Book A Trip On UberBOAT



The UberBOAT service was recently launched in Lagos state. The UberBOAT service is designed as a strategy to decongest the roads in Lagos.

UberBOAT launch in Nigeria is the second recipient of the boat service in Africa, following Egypt where it was launched in 2017, and one of the earliest in the world after Mumbai in India and Croatia.

Lagos State, with an estimated population of 22 million, is notorious for congested roads. Commuters are known to spend long hours on the road.

This is why the UberBOAT is service is considered as a viable measure to help its residents beat the constant traffic that plagues them while commuting.

The Lagos UberBoat Service is a partnership between the Uber, Lagos State Waterways Authority and Texas Connection Ferries.

UberBOAT service is in its pilot stage. Thus, it will be available on weekdays only for the next 2 weeks (October 11th to 25th of October) along the following routes:

How To Book For A UberBOAT Trip

Quick simple steps to book your boat ride:


  • Click on   to reserve a seat on the boat, bookings need to be made 24hrs ahead
  • Ensure it is your Uber signup details that is used to complete the booking
  • You will get a confirmation email and Uber riders also get a 50% discount to take a ride to and from the jetty

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On the day of the trip

  • Take an UberX to your pick up Jetty (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal). Quick tip – Arrive at the jetty 30mins before cruise time to settle in for your trip!
  • Open your Uber App and select UberBOAT. Quick tip – Boat view will only be available at the Jetties
  • Input either of the pickup and drop off points (LASWA Boat Jetty, Falomo Ikoyi or Ikorodu Ferry Terminal)
  • A PIN will be generated which can be used to secure your spot on the boat
  • Uber support staffers will be at the Jetties to help with Boat booking


The cruise schedule HERE will help you plan your trips.

Bookings can only be completed with your Uber signup details, so you will need to download the Uber app to enjoy the service. UberBOAT is also in testing phase and will be available on weekdays only from October 11th to 25th.



The boat schedule might be delayed or cancelled altogether in the event of severe/unfavorable weather conditions.

Credit: @UberNigeria

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