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Locally Made Ride Spotted In Bayelsa State




A Mechanic from Bayelsa State builds himself a locally made ride.

This mechanic from Bayelsa recycled objects around him and built himself this innovative piece. You have to give it up to him guys. He created this purely from recycled materials.

There is no doubt Nigerians are talented. Every day we are always designing, creating something new. Sadly no one’s gonna help bring out the talent in terms of financing, advice and many more.

According to him, he’s been working on it for quite a while and today he took it out for a spin, test drove it round the street to showcase his new invention. He believes that he’d one day own a company that would be as big as Volkswagen with headquarters in Nigeria.

Sincerely speaking, no dream is too big or small to achieve. This man is talented and I believe if he gets the right equipment and sponsorship he’d develop amazing automobiles.

On the other hand, if VIO and FRSC get hold of this vehicle, he will pay heavily through his nose…

Bayelsa Bayelsa Bayelsa Bayelsa Bayelsa Bayelsa


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