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Man Crashed A 3-Wheeled Car With A Gyrocopter While Trying To Make It Fly



We all know that the Reliant Robin,the small 3-wheeled car, is ridiculously prone to toppling over on every curve on the road.

This fact didn’t turn this man and his fellow experimentalist off as they attached a gyrocopter (giant powerful fan that propels a helicopter) to the top of the 3-wheeler to make it fly.

Then the Reliant Robin was towed to a certain speed which gave it a little lift before crashing to the ground.

They will need to go back to the drawing board on this project because there’s a reason why helicopters have two rotors. While the one on top provides lift and directional motion, the one on the tail helps it to steer properly.

Nice try and i believe the Wright Brothers must’ve suffered several of such fails before achieving their first sustained and controlled airplane flight.

What do you think?