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Meet Nigerian Female Biker Who Rode From Lagos To Abuja In 13 Hours



Fehintoluwa Okegbenle - Nigerian female biker


Fehintoluwa Okegbenle is a Nigerian female biker who rode on her bike for 13 hours from Lagos to Abuja. She took to Twitter to celebrate this her achievement.

nigerian female biker

In her tweet, she wrote;

Journey from Abuja to Lagos on 2 wheels.

It took 13 hours.

It tested my skills, my stamina, and my general strength.

You see ehn, if you don’t believe in yourself nobody will.

I got a lot of No’s to do this trip but I did it anyways and I conquered.

Where next?

nigerian female biker

We applaud her courage for pulling this through. Riding on a bike in our Nigerian roads can be very risky. You’re exposed to much that can cause mishaps. The bad roads, terrible road users, highway robbers and all.

From the pictures on her Twitter page, you could tell it was not a solo ride; she rode along with other bikers.

You can also read about Aisha in the link below. She is the fastest female Nigerian biker.

Photo credit: FehinLean [Twitter]

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