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Opinion-BRT Lanes Actually Cause More Traffic Than We Think



BRT buses are actually life savers ,there are so many advantages .

It helps reduce pollution ,since it can accommodate about 10 times more people than an average car would .

The cost of tickets does not fluctuate,and its relatively cheaper.

But the problem with the BRT system is that its not being utilized optimally,so its actually causing more traffic than we think.Its increasing the very thing it was built to eradicate -Traffic

Here is what I mean :

Good enough there are many lanes presently ,but we don’t have a matching number of buses for optimal performance to reduce traffic.

Here is a deeper breakdown to explain my point :

Lets take Maryland-Anthony axis all the way to Fadeyi as our case study.

At any given period of 10 minutes the average maximum number of buses on the lane in view is two buses,sometimes no bus at all ! .

While other cars struggle for the other part of the road and staring at a long stretch of empty road they can’t use ,except for some daring drivers .

So, the Lagos state government is actually putting the cart before the horse .

There should be more buses first before more lanes are built .

Oh! if you are currently in Lagos,I need not tell you about the heavy traffic the on going constructions are causing.

One BRT bus with only passengers who are sitting down would accommodate almost three times what a regular Danfo would accommodate.And it would be about 7 times more people than the capacity of a Danfo if we have standing passengers included.

Hence we have a congested major road,with empty BRT lanes,for breeze to pass through,and to serve as a tourist attraction .

In my opinion, the only good and true benefit of these dedicated lanes currently is the easy pass it gives emergency services ,which is awesome !.

But when it comes to traffic reduction,the lanes are doing more harm than good,until more buses are put on those lanes.

I hope you get my point.

What do you think ?

Do you think this opinion is incorrect ?

Kindly tell us your angle if you disagree .

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