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Pagani Set To Focus More On V12 Supercars Than Electric Powerplant



A future Pagani supercar powered by electricity? Don’t expect anytime soon. While the Italian hypercar manufacturer looked into EVs, building a Huayra-like car that runs on batteries doesn’t make sense for weight- and demand-related reasons.

“In 2018, I created a team working on fully electric cars,” Horacio Pagani, the company’s founder and CEO, recently said in a statement. The team’s primary responsibility was to look at how to homologate an EV around the world, particularly in the U.S., but “in four years, we never found interest in the [electric] supercar market.”  He further added “I own a Tesla to understand EVs, and it’s not necessary to have such high performance in them,” he said. “The challenge is to make an EV that gives good emotion like a normal ICE. Pagani isn’t going to do something just with good performance, as you can do this [now], but to give emotion to the driver.”

Horacio said he dreams of building a 1,300-kg (1,866 lbs) EV but that it’s not possible. Instead, Pagani will continue to produce V12-powered supercars that it sources from Mercedes-Benz. The company announced in 2019 that it would use the Mercedes V12 through 2026, and the engine will power the new Pagani C10 that debuts in September.

The total production for the C10 will be 300 units, and the first 100 build slots are already gone. Anyone placing an order today will have to wait about three years for their car to be delivered.

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