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PAN Nigeria Limited Begins The Production Of Higer Bus




PAN Nigeria has commenced the production of the Higer Bus in its plant in Kaduna.

This follows the recent partnership between PAN Nigeria Limited and Higer Bus Company Limited of China. PAN Nigeria is the country’s foremost multi-brand automobile manufacturer and assembler.

Higer Bus Company was established in 1998. It is China’s leading exporter of buses and coaches. Their vehicles are available in more than 100 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

The models to be produced in Nigeria are Higer H5C 16-seats, Higer H6C 19-seats and Higer Ambulance. The vehicles are useful for mass transit, transportation of school children and ambulance services. It started rolling off the company’s assembly lines in Kaduna in December 2019. The partnership also enables the delivery of city buses for mass intra-city bus services.

The Higer Bus comes with features such as charging ports for all passengers/occupants, park-assist. Other features include rear camera, DVD/15 LCD Display for passengers as well as spacious leg and headroom. In addition, the Higer Ambulance is fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as suction catheters, stretcher belts and anatomical mattress, silicon resuscitators with mask, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, 2kg fire extinguisher, automatic loading stretcher, scoop stretcher, AC/DC electronic suction machine, oxygen regulator, among others.

The managing director of the Company, Mr Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, said, “PAN Nigeria has a long rich history in the production of quality vehicles in Nigeria. This it has proved to be durable and high performing. Some of the station wagon ambulances that we produced as far back as the 1980s are still being operated by some hospitals in urban and rural communities throughout the country.

Higer Ambulance and transport buses will follow this proud tradition of durability and quality.”

The company’s head of Quality, Mr Ojo Oladapo, said that “PAN Nigeria today has enough capacity to meet all the country’s need for ambulances, school buses and mass transit vehicles. The bulk of the interior fittings in the Higer Bus are sourced locally from suppliers spread across the country.

“Our factory currently has an installed capacity to produce 45,000 vehicles in a year. Producing these vehicles locally will deepen productive activities, create important backward linkages, increase employment and preserve foreign exchange. The new Higer Bus models will be marketed, distributed, and represented by PANs accredited dealers across the country.”

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