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How To Prevent The Police From Flagging You Down




As much as I hate writing bad articles about the Nigerian Police ,I have no choice .If you haven’t read 10 Tips To Avoid Being Shot By The Nigerian Police you should .

So you have read all the articles on what to do when the police stops you,how about just avoiding them completely ?.

I do not in any way subscribe to committing a crime and running away with it .So make sure you are clean at all times and have your complete papers.

But its annoying when you get stopped or flagged down for no good reason .

Lets see some ways we can prevent this from happening.

1.Know Their Timing

If you know their routes and you ply the route constantly ,know their timing and just avoid them when you know they would be present.

2.Know Their Concentration Spots

There are some areas in Lagos where you just can’t avoid them.Areas like Mushin,Ikeja,Maryland.So you might want to take alternative routes to your destination if you can.

3.Avoid Major Roads

If you stay in Lagos and drive on Lagos roads ,you should know and understand creeks and corners that are alternative routes to your destination.It won’t only help you avoid the Men In Black,it would also help you beat traffic.

4.Drive A Very Expensive Car

Well, this could go the other way if you encounter very bold police officers.But most police men would avoid very expensive cars because they are afraid of the unknown(who the occupant is).

5.Don’t Get Into An Argument Or Road Rage

Arguing with other drivers(most times danfo drivers) is like a magnet to the police.Its like you are saying “I am available for exploitation”.Just avoid argument as much as you can.

6.Don’t Break Any Law

While this is obvious ,the problem comes when you actually don’t know what the “law” is.This guys create their own laws right on the spot just to exploit people.So just be careful not to break them.

What do you think ?,do you know any way to avoid them.

Kindly comment below.

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  1. Walepsalm

    April 25, 2017 at 18:01

    This article is very helpful in that it helps on guide against unnecessary delay when having important appointments.

    • AutoJosh

      April 26, 2017 at 14:01


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